China-Japan Joint Workshop on
gHuman-Nature Interactions in The Changjiang River Basin of China Experiencing Abrupt Changeh

Venue: Poyang Lake Laboratory for Wetland Ecosystem Research, CAS
Date: 08-09 September 2009

Co-organized by

Nanjing Institute of Geography and Limnology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, CHINA,
Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, National Institutes for the Humanities, JAPAN,
& Hydrospheric Atmospheric Research Center, Nagoya University, JAPAN.

Program Schedule (As of Sep. 04, 2009)

8:30-8:45 Opening Session


Speaker: Prof. LIU Yuanbo / Dr. TANAKA Hiroki


The Changjiang River basin experiencing change: regional overview

Speaker: TANAKA Hiroki

Role of the land surface on the water cycle. (Abstract)

Speaker: ZHANG Wanchang
    A distributed hydrological modeling system based on integrated soil water infiltration & saturation excess dynamic theory (Abstract)
Speaker: AILIKUN Borjiginte

MAIRS introduction and recent progresses (Abstract)

Speaker: REN Lilang

Hydrological Change over East Asian Monsoon Region under a Changing Environment (Abstract)

10:25-10:40@<coffee break>
Speaker: TANAKA Kenji
    Description of landuse and vegetation status in hydrometeorological simulation (Abstract)
Speaker: BAO Weikai
    Hydrological effect of forest restoration in the upper Minjing River (Abstract)
Speaker: LI Hengpeng

Consequences of land use change on water environment in Taihu Lake Basin (Abstract)

Speaker: ISHIZAKA Joji

Influence of Changjiang River Discharge to the East China Sea and Japan Sea (Abstract)


12:30-13:30 <Lunch>


The Changjiang River basin experiencing change: local focuses

Speaker: CHEN Yuwei
    Research activity at the Poyang Lake and the Taihu Lake Station (Abstract)
Speaker: WANG Huimin

Scientific Activities at Qianyanzhou Ecological Station (Abstract)

Speaker: UDA Shuhei

How the "cormorant fishermen" have coped with the change of lake environment: A case study in the Lake Poyang in Jiangxi Province, China (Abstract)

Speaker: HUANG Qian
    Statistical Analysis and Numerical Simulation on The Climate Change Trend of Poyang Lake Basin (Abstract)
15:10-15:25@<coffee break>
Speaker: MIN Shen

The climatic characteristics of extreme precipitation in Poyang Lake region (Abstract)

Speaker: HIYAMA Tetsuya
    Toward better understanding of water budget and water use within the Poyang Hu Basin (Abstract)
Speaker: ZHANG Qi
    Hydrology of Poyang Lake under changing conditions (Abstract)




18:30-20:00 < Banquet >